AltAssets Online LP-GP Network launches new version to serve 4,000 LP and GPs


With relationships between limited partners and general partners continuing to develop at pace, the private equity industry is having to reassess its approach to investor relations (IR).

With a view to addressing this growing demand for improved IR interaction, the new version of the AltAssets LP-GP Network has launched, following a successful beta phase over the last three months. Over 2,500 institutional investors have already signed while and over 300 private equity fund managers are subscribers.

As LPs become more demanding within a continually challenging fundraising environment, GPs are being forced to address how they interact with both prospective and existing investors. As a result, increased resources are being dedicated to the IR function. And while many fund managers understand these changes and are building extensive LP networks and coherent IR strategies to protect and enhance their future success, those firms that rely on more complacent approaches to IR simply run the risk of being left behind.

Specifically, technology will need to be harnessed more effectively to meet the growing information needs of institutional investors, even though many GPs have so far proven slow to adapt to potential innovation when it comes to improving communications.

An online investor relations tool, the Network offers a natural extension of the AltAssets online news and research platform and allows LPs and GPs to stay abreast of news, views and investor activity. LPs are able to select and control other firms and individuals they want to connect with, while GPs are able to conduct IR dialogues with prospective and existing LPs.

Ultimately, IR tools are increasingly likely be used by private equity firms to facilitate this heightened information flow, as well as to identify prospective new investors and to improve the quality and scope of their interactions.

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