About AltAssets

Welcome to AltAssets. The Alternative Assets Network was set up in 2000 in order to inform and connect the global private equity and venture capital community.

We believe that global economic growth is, at its heart, driven by entrepreneurial activity, which needs support, commitment and investment from a vibrant and efficient private equity industry. We support and promote the industry by serving its information needs and by facilitating a worldwide interactive community.

A Platform for the Global Private Equity Industry

The AltAssets website is designed to provide the latest news, opinion and research that serve the needs of professionals working in all parts of the industry, from the institutional investor to the venture-backed entrepreneur. Over 10 years we’ve become the world’s most widely used source of information on private equity with more than 10,000 private equity professionals from 159 countries visiting the site every working day. Individuals from the majority of leading investment institutions, private equity firms and professional services firms which are active in private equity use AltAssets on a regular basis.

We bring you:

  • more content to address your daily news needs and research requirements
  • more website features to filter and prioritise the information you receive
  • more ways to connect with the global private equity community

Connecting LPs and GPs Worldwide

Having developed a loyal and supportive user base of Limited Partners and General Partners, we pay particular attention to informing and connecting LPs and GPs around the globe through different channels;

AltAssets Online

The AltAssets website is becoming the primary source for essential information on LPs, fundraisings, investor relations and communications. It has become an essential tool for any industry professional who understands the need to keep ahead of the key issues that occupy institutional investors and the need to the commit to LP-GP relationships.

Limited Partner Magazine

This quarterly publication explores the crucial role of institutional investors in private equity and venture funds and the interconnect between these LPs and the fund managers they support.  Its circulation includes over 4,400 LPs and thousands of GPs and service providers around the world.

AltAssets LP-GP Forums

We also work closely with the global LP community to produce exclusive, invitation-only, sector-specific LP-GP Forums and LP-GP Roundtables. Sectors covered include: the private equity mid-market; clean energy and sustainability; infrastructure; real estate; emerging private equity markets; funds of funds and venture capital.

We would like to invite you to get involved with AltAssets so you get the maximum benefit from our network. We welcome and encourage your feedback and contributions.

AltAssets is registered in the UK (04210936). Registered Office: Zetland House, 5-25 Scrutton Street, London EC2A 4HJ, United Kingdom.

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Get the latest PE News & Research delivered to your inbox every morning