Octopus wraps up £2m investment in UK’s Affectv


computer2_lrgEarly stage UK firm Octopus has made a £2m investment in digital advertising technology business Affectv.

Octopus said its funding would support continued growth of the company as it looked to develop its products and expand its sales and technology teams.

Affectv’s technology aims to help advertisers better target their digital advertising by analysing what customers have recently browsed or searched for on the internet.

Octopus venture team member Frederic Lardieg said, “Affectv has developed a really innovative and scalable solution for the online advertising industry.

“The technology enables companies to develop a sophisticated advertising campaign that can target and access potential new customers based on their social interactions online.

“The team is impressive and has already proven the value of their technology in its ability to change the way companies approach online advertising.

“This, coupled with the innovative products that Affectv currently has in its pipeline, makes it a really exciting opportunity.

“We are looking forward to working with the team as the business enters its next phase of growth.”

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