Capricorn Venture Partners draws in Thai building materials major as latest fund LP


Thai building materials major Siam Cement has pledged its support to Capricorn Ventures’ Sustainable Chemistry Fund by becoming an LP in the vehicle.

Capricorn hit a €50m first close for the vehicle at the end of 2016, and is hoping to collect up to €150m in total.

The firm has said it plans to use CSCF to capture the growing opportunities emerging from a pressing need for novel feedstock, innovative and sustainable processes, better functional materials, food and feed products, fibres and jet fuels.

Jos Peeters, chairman of the executive committee of Capricorn Venture Partners, said, “We already have a financially very strong shareholder base from which we can leverage significant co-investment for the fund investments.

“With SCG we are not only strengthening the shareholder base of CSCF further, but we have also a partner on board that brings insights, innovation and access to new markets.”

Jacques van Rijckevorsel, chairman of the CSCF, added, “As a former corporate executive I know what the added value of a fund investment can be for the innovation capability of a corporate investor.

“It does not only improve the reach of the innovation field, but it also broadens the view of the corporation beyond its current business areas.

“It provides a good view on technology and business possibilities that may arise beyond the horizon of the normal corporate business planning cycles and allow for early stage option development.”

Capricorn is currently investing out of the Sustainable Chemistry Fund, Capricorn Cleantech Fund, Capricorn Health-tech Fund and Capricorn ICT Fund.

It is also the management company of Quest for Growth, quoted on NYSE Euronext Brussels, and the investment manager of Quest Cleantech Fund and Quest+, sub-funds of Quest Management SICAV.

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