Asia tech investor Monk’s Hill launches with S$100m fund


news_asia_lrgAsia-focused tech investor Monk’s Hill Ventures has launched with a S$100m fund to target early-stage startups across the region.

Monk’s Hill’s partners include Peng Ong, Kuo-Yi Lim and Stefan Jung, while the firm has hired Thomas Clayton as a special advisor.

Ong said, “There are clearly two big gaps in the market. One is the much talked-about Series A funding gap.

“However, the more significant one that we see is the lack of seasoned entrepreneurs, with deep operating experience, as investors—people who can roll up their sleeves and really help entrepreneurs.

“This is what separates the best VCs from the rest.”

Clayton added, “When I first moved to Asia seven years ago, there were only a handful of VC-backed startups.

“In just the past three years, there has been a rapid emergence of new entrepreneurs and great startups across Southeast Asia with vibrant ecosystems forming, from Singapore and Jakarta to Bangkok and Manila.”

The fund has two primary areas of focus according to the firm – early stage, Series A and B, technology startups primarily across Southeast Asia, and growth rounds of leading startups in Silicon Valley and from around the world that want to expand in Asia.

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