Battery Ventures powers $11m funding round for online security business Cyvera


venus flytrap securityBattery Ventures has joined serial entrepreneurs Ehud Weinstein and Ofir Shalvi to help online defence business Cyvera raise $11m of funding.

Blumberg Capital led the previous financing round for Cyvera, which attempts to prevent attacks from unidentified online threats by blocking attempts to exploit software or persuade users to unwittingly run malicious files.

Cyvera co-CEO Netanel Davidi said, “We don’t know what the attack will look like, and we don’t even try to, because we understand it is impossible to predict.

“But we do know every single technique a perpetrator must use to successfully launch an attack.

“Often these techniques are concealed in innocent looking files like documents, presentations, web links, images and more.

“With this knowledge we are able to stop the attack in its tracks at a very early stage.”

Last week Bessemer Venture Partners continued its track record of security investments by leading a $9.5m financing round for Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attack battler

The company, which has just emerged from stealth mode, was founded in December by Barrett Lyon, who was at the heart of creating the DDoS mitigation industry ten years ago.

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