Braes Capital launches $600m-targeting fund for United States Federal cybersecurity investments


Braes Capital has launched a $600m-targeting fund to invest in the US federal cybersecurity, technology and services sector.

Braes Sneakers II will initially target four to six companies within the sector and adjacent markets to complement its 2019 investment of federal cyber research and development company Siege Technologies, the firm said.

It will also look to add on to product and services in offensive cyber, secured networks, DevSecOps and advanced signals.

Alex Clary, managing partner at Braes Capital, said, “Braes Capital is committed to supporting security of the United States through material investment into technology and service companies led by mission driven leadership teams.

“Ongoing commitment and partnership between the Public and Private sector is needed and that’s exactly what we are setting out to do with the launch of Braes Sneakers II.”

Braes Capital invests in a wide range of industries and asset classes with real assets under $100m focused on esoteric, energy & industrial sectors, according to their website.

Portfolio companies include litigation financing firm LITCAP and Nocking Point Wines.

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