The Dutch private equity market


    In 2005, investments by Dutch private equity firms increased substantially to €2.2bn, finds the Dutch Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, up 30 per cent from €1.7bn in the previous year. Including public information on a number of large buy-out funds, which do not participate in the survey, total investments came in at €2.6bn.

    The increase in the investments was driven by the rise in large buy-outs, secondary buy-outs and expansion financing. The positive exit climate in 2005 led to an increase in divestments to more than € 1.4 billion, from € 1.2 billion in 2004.

    Including public information on the aforementioned buy-out funds, divestments amounted to € 1.5 billion. The available capital for investments in private equity increased strongly. In 2005, the market attracted a total of € 2.4 billion in new funding. Dutch private equity firms now have capital under management of € 13.5 billion.

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