GoAhead to back Stanford startups with $55m fund


GoAhead Ventures, a new venture capital firm founded by two recent Stanford graduates, has launched a $55m fund.

Phil Brady and Clancey Stahr, along with third managing partner Takeshi Mori, will use the fund invest in in early stage companies founded at Stanford University.

While its focus will been Stanford, the fund will also invest in Los Angeles-based companies and others in the Bay Area.

GoAhead landed commitments from Japanese institutions, corporations, and high-net-worth individuals, as well as wealthy individuals and family offices in the U.S according to a press release from the founders.

Brady met Stahr during his senior year at Stanford, sitting in a class about VC, while I was also working part-time at a16z.

The pair met their third partner Mori two years ago, with Stahr helping him close out his previous fund, Zenshin Capital.

Brady said, “Because we lived with these people (Standford students) and spent time with them in all kinds of different contexts, we figured we understood what the top 1 per cent at Stanford looked like better than any other VC firm on the outside.

“We started raising the GoAhead Ventures fund while we were seniors in undergrad at Stanford, and we were going to Japan or LA or New York every month while still in school.”

Its original goal was to raise $20m to $30m, but over the past year and a half, it pulled in significantly more for a formal close in September.

The fund’s portfolio includes Gameflip, OoLaLa Mobile, VideoAmp and Simple Emotion.

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