NEA leads $20m Series C for novel database business Aerospike


code programming dataUS venture major New Enterprise Associates has led a $20m Series C financing round for cutting-edge database provider Aerospike.

Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Alsop Louie Partners and Regis McKenna also took part in the financing round for the company, which says it has developed the world’s first flash-optimised in-memory NoSQL database.

Aerospike CEO Joe Gottlieb said, “Aerospike was built to take advantage of modern processors and flash storage, and today powers many of the top digital marketing platforms that operate at extreme scale.

“We are now seeing strong demand from enterprises that must scale their revenue-critical applications with both predictable low latency and strong consistency.”

NEA general partner Kittu Kolluri will join the Aerospike board of directors as part of the financing round.

He said, “Unlike other databases that give up data consistency and reliability for speed or scale, Aerospike has stood true to decades of database fundamentals while operating at wire speed and Internet scale.

“This, combined with a new open source model, will give enterprises access to a powerful database with which to leapfrog the competition.”

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