Insect harvesting business Ynsect gets €1.8m Demeter Partners backing


bee insectParis, France-based agritech and biofuel ‘insect harvesting’ firm Ynsect has raised €1.8m from Demeter Partners.

Ynsect’s main activities involve the “bioconversion of organic resources by insects”, and their processing into nutrients for feed applications – proteins and lipids – and for non-food applications such as polysaccharides and derivatives, organic fertilizers, and bioenergy.

The company designs, builds, and operates production facilities called insect biorefineries, which reference existing biorefineries using algae or micro-organisms as bioreactors.

These facilities generally include an insect rearing unit, a preprocessing unit and a separation unit, according to its website. Ynsect’s initial technologies allow the production of animal feed for fish and poultry.

The byproducts of this production – insect exoskeletons, for example – have applications in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biomaterials, cosmetics and wastewater treatment.

In addition, excrements are valued for improving soil.

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