Andreessen Horowitz invests $40m in image sharing platform Imgur


TUS venture capital major Andreessen Horowitz has invested $40m in entertainment and image sharing platform Imgur.

Andreessen Horowitz general partner Lars Dalgaard will join the board of directors of Imgur, which said the capital would be used for internal growth, product development and growing its worldwide community.

Reddit also contributed to the round in an appropriate nod to founder Alan Schaaf, who originally built Imgur as a “simple image sharer” for the Reddit community.

Dalgaard said, “We’ve been watching Imgur for years, and the way Alan and his team have committed to building for the community is truly impressive.

“It’s rare to see a company so committed to preserving an excellent user experience, and it’s no accident that this community has flourished.

“We hope to provide resources and guidance to help Imgur continue down this path, with the freedom to do even more to accelerate product innovation and community growth.”

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