AltAssets will keep providing your daily private equity and alternative assets news as the coronavirus intensifies


The global coronavirus pandemic continues to intensify, but AltAssets remains committed to keeping private equity and alternative assets professionals in the loop with all the latest fundraising, dealmaking and industry news through the crisis.

Stock markets have taken a hammering, firms are shuttering their offices and face-to-face meetings are understandably being scrapped – but business goes on, and we’ll continue to provide daily news and research to our readers.

We’re already seeing rising readership trends as the COVID-19 outbreak worsens – and we’re keen to hear from you if you have a deal story, fundraising success or staff changes you want to share with the rest of the industry. Contact us directly on [email protected]

If you’re looking to maintain connecting with active LPs and GPs during the coronavirus crisis, we also provide cost-effective opportunities to enable your company to increase awareness of your services, investment activities and strategy, generate leads and facilitate direct engagement with clients.

We would be happy to talk to you about how you can leverage our extensive network of senior decision-makers, over 25,000 newsletter subscribers and more than 11,000 social media followers to meet your business objectives.

Interested? Contact our Business Development Manager Robin Jarvis on [email protected]

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