Sibling Capital bursts on to venture scene with Relypsa financing


New venture capital firm Sibling Capital has announced itself to the industry by taking part in an $80m financing round for drug developer Relypsa.

The California-based firm said it plans to make targeted investments in up to six companies through individual funds focused at the juncture of chemistry, medicine and materials science.

Sibling’s investment in Relypsa marks its move into the life sciences sector alongside better-known funds including OrbiMed Advisors, 5AM Ventures, New Leaf Venture Partners and Delphi Ventures.

The firm said it offers LPs a unique level of access and monitoring options to their investments.

President Sandra Coufal said, “I’m excited to proceed with a new opportunity as we differentiate Sibling from other venture capital models in order to provide a bridge between company building and private investing.”

Jim Givan, an investor in Sibling, said, “In evaluating investment opportunities it became apparent to me that I had to diversify our portfolio into a venture capital strategy which could provide a sound return in an otherwise stagnant and volatile economy.

“Sibling Capital presented a sophisticated and convincing option with its first financing opportunity.”

Relypsa said it planned to use the Series C funding for late-stage development and submission of a new drug application for its anti-high potassium drug.

Company president Gerrit Klaerner said, “I have worked with Dr Coufal as a key contributor on our scientific and medical advisory board for many years enabling the successes of Ilypsa and Relypsa.

“I am excited for her to now lend her expertise to Relypsa and other companies through the formation of Sibling Capital.”

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