IT services-focused Technology Capital Investors expands into Canada


New York-based IT services investment firm Technology Capital Investors (TCI) has broadened its reach into Canada after opening a new office in the Toronto area.

“With thousands of small and mid-size businesses in need of IT expertise, Canada represents a high potential growth market for managed service providers (MSPs) who deliver a comprehensive, business-minded approach to outsourced IT services,” said Sam Attias, a managing partner at TCI.

“Canada has a strong and growing economy, and was relatively unscathed by the economic downturn that impacted the US and other countries. In fact many metropolitan cities including Toronto have displayed significant growth and job creation over the last four years, making Canada a great marketplace for managed IT services and cloud.”

TCI’s said it aimed to establish a group of interconnected service providers in the major metropolitan Canadian regions. The firm has dedicated a separate group of local resources and personnel to ensure its efforts are specific to the needs of Canada’s growing MSP partner community.

“What makes TCI different and more lucrative to MSPs is that we invest in the individual companies and brands, as well as provide them with greater operational efficiencies and access to superior technology solutions including cloud and security,” added Attias.

“We don’t subscribe to the roll-up strategy. TCI is truly about partner enablement and making each MSP brand within the TCI portfolio stronger and more successful within the regions they operate.”

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