AltAssets’ LP-GP Network hits more than 20,000 connections in a single month


handshake dealAltAssets’ LP-GP Network has cemented its place as the world’s most active and influential private equity networking service after more than 20,000 connections were made last month.

The Network, which addresses the industry’s growing demand for greater IR interaction, went live in January after three months of beta testing saw more than 2,500 institutional investors and 300 private equity fund managers flock to the service.

That membership has since grown to more than 5,000 LPs and GPs, who are taking advantage of the platform’s leading-edge tools to research active private market funds, customise their information flow and manage their industry networks.

As LPs become more demanding within the continued challenging fundraising environment, GPs are being forced to better address how they interact with both prospective and existing investors.

As a result, increased resources are being dedicated to the IR function.

While many fund managers understand these changes and are building extensive LP networks and coherent IR strategies to protect and enhance their future success, those firms which rely on more complacent approaches to IR simply run the risk of being left behind.

An online investor relations tool, the Network offers a natural extension of the AltAssets online news and research platform and allows LPs and GPs to stay abreast of breaking news, expert views and up-to-date investor activity.

LPs are able to select and control which firms and individuals they want to connect with, while GPs can conduct IR dialogue with prospective and existing LPs.

AltAssets CEO Richard Sachar said, “We expected a steady take-up of the service, but have been surprised at how quickly some of the biggest private equity firms and institutional investors have become active members.

“It’s clear that the most successful firms are continuously improving the way they interact with limited partners and understand how to use online networking to support and enhance their LP engagement strategy.

“We’ve also seen that institutional investors want to be able to manage information flows more effectively and to connect and communicate with general partners more efficiently and we’re delighted to be working closely with them to continuously develop the LP-GP Network to meet their ongoing needs.”

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