US venture capital firms launch OpenIncubate software accelerator programme


OpenIncubate, a new accelerator programme formed to fund teams using open source IP to transform the IT infrastructure layer, has launched in the US with commitments from VC backers including Austin Ventures, Battery Ventures and The Valley Fund.

The incubator was established in response to technology shifts set to impact the next decade of computing: the emergence of open networking and the software-defined data centre along with the growing prominence of open source initiatives such as the Open Compute Project and OpenStack.

The programme will offer seed funding, work space, and mentorship to emerging software companies.

They must utilise open source frameworks aimed at building on and refining the concept of the software-defined data center in areas of innovation including hardware, software and networking, according to Cole Crawford, COO of the Open Compute Foundation and an advisor at the Austin branch of OpenIncubate.

“The Open Compute Foundation is thrilled to see these three great firms join forces to help accelerate the pace of innovation in this industry,” said Crawford, adding, “The fact that OpenIncubate came together so quickly and so organically is a testament to the profound impact that open source is already having on the hardware industry. We can’t wait to see all the great ideas and great entrepreneurs that will emerge from this programme.”

The programme will operate three hubs in Austin, Boston and Menlo Park, corresponding to the locations of its three VC backers.

The three venture capital firms behind OpenIncubate have made a number of investments in enterprise IT, including Calxeda, Gazzang, SolarWinds and Virtual Bridges.

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