Novator, LEGO Ventures renew commitment to video game developer Klang in $22.3m round


Berlin-based video game developer Klang has picked up more than $22m through a Series B round led by Novator Partners.

LEGO investment arm LEGO Ventures also renewed its commitment to the business through new capital in the round, as did fellow existing backers Northzone, Neoteny, firstminute capital, Makers Fund, and New Life Ventures.

Klang said it planned to use the capital to redefine the MMO-style of online game popularised by World of Warcraft in the last decade through a new large-scale, persistent world called SEED.

Novator’s Birgir Ragnarsson said, “We have been a big fan of the team and leadership of Klang from the start.

“The company is truly on the cutting edge in technology and innovation, but more importantly it understands games and gamers better than most and has no fear in its ambitions for SEED.

“This combination along with the artistic talent in the company gives rise to a truly exciting opportunity with unlimited potential. We are proud to take a lead role in the business and assist the team on this ambitious quest.”

Original backers of Klang include Greylock Partners and London Venture Partners.

Novator has been a supporter of Klang since its first funding round led by London Venture Partners back in 2015.

SEED is an online life-simulator where each player manages multiple characters. Set far in the future, players collaborate to rebuild society and create a new home in a vast world similar to earth.

The simulation is persistent and continuous, meaning that when players go offline, their characters will continue to live their day-to-day lives within the simulation.

SEED utilizes Improbable’s SpatialOS, a cloud platform that allows SEED to simulate a world much larger, richer, and with more players than any single engine or server could.

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