Medina Capital invests $11m in Easy Solutions amid debut fundraise


username password security onlineFundraising growth investment firm Medina Capital has invested $11m in Series B financing for fraud protection company Easy Solutions.

The firm, which targets the IT infrastructure sector, provided the capital to expand Easy Solutions’ sales and marketing to meet demand for its platform.

Manuel Medina, founder and managing partner of the firm, said, “Online fraud is a growing concern, with sophisticated attacks becoming increasingly difficult to detect and block.

“Easy Solutions has a proven, multi-layered approach that enables their customers to prevent both simple and complex fraud attempts.

“Their customers, including major banks we spoke with, have seen a significant drop in fraud-related losses as a result of leveraging Easy Solutions’ scalable fraud prevention platform.”

Last month AltAssets revealed Medina had launched its debut fundraising effort targeting $250m.

The firm was launched last year following the purchase of managed IT infrastructure company Terremark, which was founded by Manuel Medina, by Verizon in a $2bn deal.

A non-compete agreement between Medina and Verizon expired last summer, leaving Medina free to being building its portfolio.

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