15 June 2017

4th Annual European Summit




2017 Agenda

Networking Breakfast & Registration
9:00 Welcome Address
Keynote: Leveraging off diverse talent pools to create high-performing businesses
09:40 Opening Panel: A look ahead – what’s changing for women in private investment and finance?
 How have your networks served to drive forward your career & your organisation? What are some of the obstacles that keep women from choosing careers in finance and private equity? Are barriers to entry becoming an outdated argument? What strategies are top-tier private equity and finance firms using to attract and retain female talent? What’s working / what’s not? How can the common plateau in career progression at middle management be best avoided? What is the prevailing view on industry targets set by groups such as Level 20? What types of challenges have the panellists experienced during their own careers and what advice would they give to up-and-coming women professionals? Is there risk of a backlash, whereby diversity training becomes counter-productive?
Networking Break
11:00 Board Director Perspective: The route to securing a FTSE 350 board position What advice would you give to women looking to secure a board position down the line? What are the challenges to CEOs when owned by financial sponsors? What can private companies learn from larger listed firms in terms of promoting female talent? What does a private equity firm need in order to harness the potential of working with female directors and avoid the challenges encountered when working with male dominated boards? The 25% target of women on boards was a great milestone, but what is being done to maintain the momentum? Is a new 33% target achievable by 2020?
11:45 Institutional Investor Outlook: Where are the hotspots in private investment? How have investor preferences changed over the last 12 months? To what extent are deal-by-deal, co-investment and separate account investment structures creating ‘a new normal’ for private equity? What do first-time fund managers need in order to gain credibility and traction amongst investors? Planning ahead to 2017/18: good time to fundraise or invest? Europe post Brexit: playground for opportunistic investors or too much downside risk? What is your advice to GPs on fees and transparency? Making the link – do diverse management teams result in better performance?
Networking Lunch
13:50 Afternoon Address
13:55 Women entrepreneurs and VCs – where do we stand? What’s changed in the last year in respect to the availability of funding for women-owned businesses? What are the top three things successful company leaders would tell entrepreneurs seeking private equity backing? Are VCs being overly risk averse? What initiatives are VCs taking to increase diversity in their own teams? What are your perspectives on global VC? Is growth equity blurring lines? What do growth equity managers bring to the table? What does Brexit mean for London VC?
14:35 How do best-in-class managers source top performing investments? In a competitive market, how are the best deals originated? Where were the most favourable market opportunities last year? Where are the current ‘hot spots’ for deal activity? How do sourcing strategies vary from the largest buyout houses to smaller mid-market players? Europe post Brexit: playground for opportunistic investors or too much downside risk?
15:20 Acquisitions and exits – how to secure outstanding returns in the current climate How can networks help owners to source the right exit partners? What is the role of deal-makers (IBs, law firms and audit firms) in boosting returns and facilitating engagement among management teams and prospective investors? Will recent geopolitical changes have long term implications on acquisitions and exits? How are managers combatting the increased pressure to exit brought on by rising valuations?
Networking Break
16:15 Roundtable discussions Jumping from PE to PLC boards - AND Back! Risk aware, not risk averse: why women make good angel investors Building effective networks ‘Things I wish I’d known’ – lessons from women entrepreneurs Emerging markets focus: where are the hotspots General Discussion General Discussion
Chair’s closing remarks
Drinks Reception