Network with Limited Partners

The LP-GP Forum: Infrastructure offers a unique opportunity for GPs and developers to connect with LPs – at the right LPs, at the right time and in the right environment – as LPs determine and refine their investment strategies.

Any GP looking to raise funds in the near future from investors will need to win commitments from many of the LPs attending the Forum if they are to reach their targets.

Participation is likely to be imperative for any prospective fundraiser in order to gain profile and build relationships with these LPs, or else run the risk of being left behind as competitors take LP mind-share and, ultimately, capital.

LPs have informed us that they are keen to meet new fund managers and strengthen relationships with established firms as part of a process to gain up-to-date insights and to develop their investment strategies. Of most interest are GPs and developers who can articulate a differentiated approach and can evidence success as a result of it, as well as those who can present a compelling vision about where future opportunities lie.

The objective of the Forum is ultimately to connect the best fund managers and developers with the most suitable LPs in order to build long-term investment partnerships.







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