Day 1 - Tuesday 23rd May
Day 2 - Wednesday 24th May
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Keynote PRESENTATION: The Global Outlook for Infrastructure Investments
Investor Outlook Panel: What are the top issues on the agenda for investors who actively allocate to the Infrastructure asset class? What potential returns do institutional investors want to see in order to increase their allocations to the asset class? What is the right balance going forward between fund investments, co-investments and direct investments? How important are sustainability considerations for LPs when investing into long-term infrastructure assets? What are the most concerning challenges that lie ahead for the infrastructure asset class? Which sectors are attracting most interest and how are investors / LPs gaining exposure?
Networking Session
Presentation: The Role of AI and Big Data in Analyzing and Capturing ESG Performance
ESG and the long-term ownership of infrastructure assets How do LPs evaluate the ESG strategy of a fund manager? How does ESG help to identify risks and opportunities for value creation? Does ESG fall outside the scope of fiduciary duty? Does ESG go beyond screening out specific sectors? To what degree does ESG become increasingly important when investing in the emerging markets, due to political risk and a lack of regulation?
Where are the key opportunities in renewables? Trends such as energy storage technology and off-shore wind are receiving increased attention in 2017 – which sectors outside of the mainstream are the most attractive? With India and China shifting focus toward renewables are these regions becoming hotspots for private investment? What role will new entrants play in the renewables space? To what extent are government policies influencing investment decisions in the current climate? Where is the most capital flowing & where are the most robust strategies?
Networking Lunch & Roundtable Discussions
The outlook for emerging markets How does the attractiveness of Asia, Africa and Latin America compare? What are the pros and cons of diversifying across geographies if an LP is making satisfactory returns in Europe or the US? Will anti-globalisation rhetoric affect emerging market investments? Are there still pre-conditions for LP investment in emerging markets funds? What are the most attractive sectors aside from solar? A record number of deals were completed in Asia during 2016 – what are the main drivers for increased investment in the region?
Networking Session
Identifying and backing the best fund managers How do LPs determine the best-in-category fund managers to back? Have most long-term LP-GP relationships already been formed and how easy is it for a new fund manager to get the attention of big LPs? How are the criteria changing for judging the leaders and laggards in the industry? What are the main concerns for funds over the next year and how are these issues being managed? To what extent does an effective ESG strategy provide a competitive advantage?
Infrastructure Finance – The outlook for pricing and supply How have capital structures developed over the last year? What do the suppliers of capital regard as the most attractive type of deals to finance in the current environment? What is the outlook for pricing and what are the driving factors behind current and future valuations? Where do the opportunities lie to find well priced assets? What areas offer best value?
Chairman’s wrap-up
Networking Reception Drinks
Networking Breakfast & Registration
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Networking & Drinks Reception
Networking Breakfast & Registration
Keynote Presentation: The changing dynamics of the renewables market To what extent are macroeconomic and geopolitical factors affecting supply and demand? What is the consensus amongst economists and analysts about where the best opportunities will be found? Will government energy policies become a growing concern? How quickly are we shifting from traditional to renewable energy?
Investor Outlook Panel: What are the top issues on the agenda for investors in the renewables space? What returns do institutional investors want to see to counter the risk of renewables? To what extent should investors consider political risk when investing in renewables? What are the most concerning challenges that lie ahead for the renewables asset class? Are investors seeing promise in distressed assets and periphery energy subsectors? How are LPs evaluating international opportunities and new entrants to the market?
Presentation: Infrastructure tech – How is the asset class being disrupted? To what extent has technology disrupted the infrastructure industry? Where are the best investment opportunities? How can incumbent players react effectively to these changes?
Networking Session
What is the future of the LP-GP relationship? How can direct investors be convinced to allocate capital to external managers? Fees, transparency, internal resources, deal flow – what are the priorities when choosing an investment platform? Do GPs need to change their fee structure? Or will greater transparency and communication suffice?
Why and how are investors moving toward direct and co-investment models? Do potential LPs have the in-house resources to succeed? What are the different skills required for direct and co-investments? What type of investor should look at this model? Which are best suited to fund investing? Are direct and co-investments as easily implemented within renewables?
Will renewables sustain their competitive edge throughout 2017? How will the US administration and Brexit affect renewables in the short and long term? What is the outlook for pricing of traditional fuels? What is the impact on renewables? To what extent are green bonds a viable alternative for financing infrastructure projects? Given the importance of ESG to LPs, to what extent do all infrastructure investments need to be ‘green’?
Networking Lunch & Investor Roundtables
Introduction: Clean energy investing - winners and losers in a post-subsidy environment


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