Versant invests $25m in Series A for gene editing business CRISPR


dnaVersant Ventures has invested $25m in Series A financing for biopharmaceutical business CRISPR Therapeutics, which is currently working on a breakthrough gene editing technology.

Tom Woiwode, venture partner at Versant, said, “We believe that CRISPR Therapeutics has immense potential, as it is uniquely positioned to translate this technology into human therapeutics, thanks to its foundational intellectual property and its multi-disciplinary team of experts, including senior industry executives, world-renowned academics, and clinicians.”

The company’s technology allows scientists and clinicians to mutate genes of interest and correct specific target genes, to tackle both recessive and dominant genetic diseases.

That genome editing offers significant advantages over traditional gene therapy approaches, which to date have only been useful in correcting some recessive genetic disorders, CRISPR said.

Last October healthcare-focused Versant officially launched its fifth fund with a $250m target, AltAssets revealed.

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